Taiwo Sule (Tysu) was born in Nigeria, where he spent half of his adolescence before moving to the neighboring French-speaking West African country, the Republic of Benin. Tysu went to boarding school where he found his love for the show. Tysu was part of the show team that on frequent occasions embarked on the 190-mile journey from the Republic to the city of Lagos, representing his school in competitions where he performed in French. He was known as the “School Cowboy”. Tysu moved to the United States in 2001 and finished high school at Colony High School in New Jersey. His love of entertainment which he first saw in 2001 on VH1, BET and MTV inspired him and instilled his passion for the music industry, not knowing that X years later, these same platforms present his music. . Although Tysu’s passion is music, he has always worked to satisfy it: from the YMCA, waiter and server to parties, from private tutoring to his first million dollar real estate sale at just 21. While working for 9-5 and overtime, he was also doing his training first at Montclair State University for his undergraduate studies, then at the New Jersey Institute of Technology for graduate school – all while recording and realizing his voice for Being Laurea who is now alongside her producer, Mr. Lab who worked alongside Monica. The inspirations of Tysu’s musical writing come from personal experiences and feelings, while his melodies come from his interaction with people. Tysu’s mind is constantly composed and he hopes to use his rhythms of passion for dance and his international music to create something no other artist has ever created before