Born in Southern New Jersey, born in Willingboro NJ, he moved to Trenton NJ at the age of 4. In fifth grade, while attending PJ Hill Elementary School, when “Sir Dobine” was inspired to become a rapper. The ideal came from a 3-way phone conversation listening to a recording of a classmate and his older brother’s song. The next morning Sir Dobine used a radio with a built-in microphone to record himself freestyle to an instrumental being played by a library speaker in the background. He let his late grandmother Mary J. Dobine and uncle William Dobine hear what came to mind, and gave him accessories. Watching artists like Kris Kross, Puff Daddy, Wu-Tang and Lil Vicious have had success in music and really inspired Sir Dobine to want to pursue music as a career.
Growing up the artist Sir liked the most was Wu-tang, Jay-Z, State Property, Mobb Deep, The Notorious BIG, Diplomats, and D-Block. Favorite music producers of Sir Rza, Havoc, Alchemist, Jahlil Beats, Heatmakerz, Just Blaze and Araabmuzik.
The biggest inspiration today to continue the dream are his two children Amir and Amar’e Dobine. The love of writing, recording and producing music is eternal, but now it serves a greater purpose.