Sargent Tucker
Sargent Tucker’s (ST) momentum for creating this music – “My desire is to write meaningful music with lyrics that inspire self-esteem, enhance relationship experiences and spread endless love to others.”
One of life’s biggest relationship challenges is transitioning through difficult, emotionally painful experiences while still keeping love for yourself and others involved. Too often, when a relationship ends, the departure seems unbearable. However, those who have lived for a while know that the times of trial will pass. As you mature, tranquility takes center stage for real-life success. Whether the differences grow from loving the material processions more from each other, or from engaging in drama, life continues after losing someone, who cannot be replaced. ST’s song, “No One Can Replace You,” was created to inspire self-esteem and hope in the midst of the pain of ending a relationship.
New Orleans born; Sargent Tucker’s musical roots can be traced back to the San Francisco Bay Area music scene. ST is a talented singer, musician, writer and producer who considers himself a country boy at heart. By nature, ST is a loner. With no fear of being autonomous for what she believes in, ST has never been a follower. In the absence of the need for personal recognition, ST prefers to build on the successes of others rather than his own. ST doesn’t take itself too seriously, as it reminded us that “music is only 12 notes”. However, ST definitely takes his perfectionist-like work seriously, which is his approach to almost everything. Music is ST’s love, but not his only love. More than luck, fame or celebrity,
Sargent Tucker’s latest version, “I Need Your Love”, featuring Drizabone, the number 1 on UK solar radio. His song “I AM Happy” was selected as the theme music for the Happiness Foundation, in which ST was the star of the Hollywood Global Happiness day; Honors included Will Smith, Ellen Degeneres, Goldie Hawn and Robbie Williams. This event was sponsored by the International Happiness Foundation, Drai’s W Hotel, and by Dr. Shelly Sykes, the author of several successful awards in the United States. ST’s first release with Macola Records, “Come See Me” (R&B genre), was released internationally and was included in the “SUN SET STRIP” Compilation Album along with Hip Hop Pioneers: NWA (Ice Cube). Dr. Dre’s production of “World Class Wreckin ‘Cru”. Additionally, “Stop Telling Me”, a song written by ST and recorded with the band “Two Things in One” (TTIO), was featured in the CD cover notes of Grammy’s “Music City Story” compilation. Later, ST was inducted into the Bay Area Blues Society Hall of Fame as a member of the TTIO.
Currently, Sargent Tucker is writing and organizing new material. He is also recording a new single in the studio that will be released soon, entitled “No One Can Replace You”, written and arranged by ST. Once again, Levi Seacer, Grammy Nominated Producer, and former music director of the late great PRINCE, oversees this production. Summer 2019 is the tentatively scheduled release date. Studio musicians who contributed to this project include: Danny Thomas (keyboardist) Co-founder of “Con-Funk Shun”; Carl Lockett, Legendary Bay Area (guitarist); Lorenzo Hawkins (keyboardist); Will Williams (guitarist); Levi Seacer (guitar and keyboards), Cedric Wilmott and Edwin Moore (drums); and Sargent Tucker (bass) lead and background vocals.