Occasionally an exceptional and incredible talent hits the music industry and leaves an indelible impression. Well, the incredible rapper Felicia Drummond a / k / a Felicia is one of those rapidly expanding artists who did just that! What a supersized, compelling and addicting talent you simply have to feel! Her debut single “Everything Big” is absolutely an explosive hit single released in May 2019 by ECMD. Incidentally, the lyrics were written by the sensational Felicia herself! His extraordinary gifts and talents are revolutionizing the rap genre along with inevitable evidence of an even bigger future.
Felicia was born and raised in the big city of Greenville, South Carolina. In fact, she has an intrinsic melodic badge rooted and rooted in the church. It was her maternal grandmother who loved immensely and wrote music and always sang. As a result, he naturally did the same thing. His keen interest and attention to music was so intense during his formative years that he would write the lyrics of a song and study its structure for hours. If there was music, you would see Felicia singing in the church choir and / or marching in the high school band playing her trombone.
Life wasn’t always easy for Felicia, she moved a lot when she was young. However, she was fortunate to be with members of her family and especially her grandmother until her death. It was during this period of his life that he developed disciplines to adapt to life’s difficulties. However, when the game was difficult, his love and attention to music became even bigger. He always kept his rhyming book with him for writing down his lyrics! Not only did he have an interest in music, but he also discovered that he loved doing hair. However, he put his music on hold while he was in a 15-year relationship because he hadn’t taken his interest in music seriously. Significantly, like a butterfly, it emerged from the relationship determined and destined to make its music. It developed beautifully into a “Big Picture” / “Bottom Line” type of woman.
Not only is she a dynamic rap singer, but her talents transcend various forms of creative art as a skilled musician, playing the bass drum, the snare drum and the trombone, an innovative songwriter and an extraordinary visionary. She performed in Greenville, South Carolina, to local talent. A crowned talent show she remembers is when she and her group made TLC, of ​​course, it was T-Boz, fully dressed and even made an appearance on local news with Jack Roper. Yes, Felicia projects her vocal talents without compromise on an unprecedented artistic level. Simply said that it excels in the excellent!
His educational background exemplifies his thirst for knowledge and his spirit of excellence. She graduated from Greenville High School in Greenville, South Carolina. In particular, she continued her educational activities at the two-year Business / Cosmetology program at Greenville Technical College, where she graduated with honors.
Felicia is the proud mother of two fantastic children, Lajadia and Derrick.
For rap music connoisseurs who want to savor the best of Felicia extraordinary vocals, the “” Everything Big “single is just what you’ve been waiting for! Rhythmic agility, melodic enthusiasm and powerful lyrics connect to impart dynamic and bouncing rhythm! Specifically, this single immediately establishes a dialogue with the melody and lyrics. Such profoundness affirms an uplifting and liberating component for the listening ear. This single echoes success.