Tim Muriello, famous YouTube character, brings his “grunge rap” style to the Rap / Hip Hop game. With a wide range of voices with vocal sounds such as Fred Durst, Insane Clown Posse and a hint of Jonathan Davis of Korn; on top of powerful hits, bass bass bass with intelligent rhythms and creative sound. The lyrics are witty, creative and current.
Tim Muriello’s new rap album ‘Dark Times’ brings an increasingly slightly darker sound to the rap game which includes some real conversation problems such as life’s struggles and overcoming them. His long-awaited hit single, “Caffeine Addict”, due out on July 12th, is an extremely captivating, fun, compelling and creative concept with bass lows with a sound that would be best described as Limp Bizkit meets Kayne West. Excellent mix of low octaves and pitches all with hardcore rap elements.