After experiencing the exciting and evolutionary sounds of dance in the famous Beyond Night, my effort is to create dance tracks that I love to dance!
Classical training
A level music and a level 8 piano
Used for clubs at Beyond at Club Colesseum
He found music that sounded revolutionary – Haji, Freemasons, Syke ‘n’ Sugastarr, Spencer and Hill real inspirations. I strive to produce songs for which I liked to dance …
Music exercise instructor
The Light (It’s Fantastic) was aired on BBC Radio 6’s Introducing Mixtape: b02qxjzq
No Time to Rest and When The Lights Down Down were chosen by Tom Robinson, host of Fresh on the Net as ‘Extra Gems This Week’: / # tomrobinson / sets / gems20130419
The fan base recently reached over 530 on Radio Airplay: