Ronin sings of hearts trying so hard not to break.
Using a vast arsenal of genres from pop-trap-funk and the craving-RnB alternative, to expanding hard rock and cavernous indie-orchestral music, his unique, feeling-filled voice paints hitting vulnerabilities and intense emotions. While it is difficult to determine who influenced him or what inspired his songs, Ronin cited Prince, Halsey, Queen, Muse, Jeff Buckley and Kendrick Lamar as some of his favorite artists. Dramatic, unique and daring, Ronin refuses to be anyone but himself.
Ronin was born and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, to a Korean immigrant family. He started playing the piano at the age of five, quickly moved to the trumpet and was among the youngest jazz and classical trumpet players to perform in the best youth groups in the whole city. Not satisfied yet, he picked up an electric guitar and played in old-school progressive and blues rock bands during high school. Not long after, Ronin was producing rhythms on his laptop and playing hip-hop and RnB from the dead speakers of an old VW Jetta that had crashed three months after the purchase. Always looking for new sounds, he decided to create his own unique style to push the boundaries of popular music.
Ronin was bullied as a child and often struggles with his race and identity. When he was younger, Ronin fell in love with someone who haunted him long after they separated. He uses music as a guide for his soul, to further understand himself and to love the relationships he loses along the way. Big enough to taste love but still too young to avoid the pain of her breakup, she is now trying to connect with others through her music and help them feel less alone.
NEW YORK, NY, JUNE 17, 2019 – RONIN – The Philadelphia native is an independent music artist with AP Music Group. Her first single, “Chemical Smiles”, is filming on Major Market Radio and capturing national attention. Ronin’s highly anticipated alternative RnB, Funk single, “Chemical Smiles”, debuts this week on the Mediabase – Billboard charts. Accompanying his single is his surprising concept video (link below) which, like the single, clearly helps to define Ronin’s originality and brilliance. “I don’t want to be anything but myself,” said Ronin. “It’s all of this and it has already started off great,” says his manager / producer