JCraig is an expert artist with an apparent charm in today’s music scene. Apparently, there is always an artist who transcends the boundary of time. And JCraig is that artist. Take a look at yourself. This singer / songwriter / producer / is exciting!
“I thought my mission was to find an artist when I had always been the artist. My talent was strong, but my self-esteem was lost. My new music brought me all back in vogue.”
Birthplace of rock’n roll and soul, Memphis is rich in musical history and the home of the famous singer, songwriter JCraig. A magnetically eclectic entertainer inspired by the sounds of early motowns, Chick Corea, The Doobie Brothers, Maroon 5 and others, JCraig is an artist without melodic boundaries.
Burning a constantly evolving sound, its electrifying lyrics mixed with sharp rock melodies and a perfect rap will take you to the dance floor, no matter where you are. A producer at heart, JCraig knows how to turn the soul of the southern funk around the masses reaching your feet with fresh rhythms and leaving you wanting more.
Having had a childhood full of music and musical inspiration, he began to perfect his talents as a young man. Singing at the age of 6 and writing his first guitar riffs at the age of 10. Young adulthood took him to the U.S. military where he served his country with pride. An adventurous journey full of wonderful moments, tragedies and a wealth of life experiences intertwine the indelible sign of JCraig’s music.
Don’t waste time moving forward, confidently in the direction of your dreams, JCraig is one to watch.