James Melton Thigpen was born in Erie, Pennsylvania, better known by his stage name J-Tiz, is an American record artist, songwriter and music producer.
He’s been making music since he was 12. Music production has been his main focus for years.
After producing records for several artists over the years, J-Tiz has been encouraged by many around him, including his personal manager Len Weisman, to start working on his solo project. It wasn’t until the disappearance of his close friend and business partner, Daniel J Bilski, when he realized that life is short and it was time for him to start focusing on his musical career as a solo artist.
J-Tiz’s new debut solo album titled Crowded Roomz is 100% sure to get you moving, dancing and singing the word for every song. This album will surely cause you to press the repeat button and continue playing these songs over and over again.