Georges Baguidy, also known as Griz Gusto, grew up in Waltham, MA / Orlando, FL. Despite being born in Waltham, Griz’s roots lie in the Caribbean islands. Born to two Haitian parents, Griz proudly states and represents the Haitian-American community. His first musical inspirations were Biggie and Lil Wayne. The first time he heard a song from Notorious BIG was when a girl from his neighborhood went around riding his BMX bike blowing up “Juicy” from a boombox. He was struck by the mind of Biggie’s flow and style. Since then, he has fallen in love with hip hop music and culture.

Griz found himself in trouble in and out of school and at the age of 15 his parents decided that he needed significant change. They forced Griz to move from Waltham, MA to Orlando, Florida, so he could change the scenery. A few years after finishing high school, he enlisted in the Army National Guard, which still serves with reserve status. Griz Gusto, S-Ko and a third member, MassMoneyFaith, formed Mass Money Entertainment. Griz Gusto is considered the most versatile of the group. Its versatility makes it unpredictable on the microphone, which gives it an edge over today’s new artists. Brings a different kind of confidence and swagger in his music and in Mass Money as a whole. Griz has entered 2019 more hungry to be successful than ever, and is ready to raise the bar for all new rap artists not only in Massachusetts, but across the nation.