Dr. Steevo’s music conveys his personal journey and perspective through his unique sound palette. His modern music made for modern life is a mix of Edm, Electronica, Trip Hop, chill out, break beat and experimental music. His album “This Mutoid” will be released on July 14th (Bastille Day: The French Revolution!)
Welcome to 2019, welcome to Doctor Steevo’s surgery … His laboratory … His universe …
Enjoy the music that’s right for you!
soramusic (June 2019)
Steevo Nuissier has just released a 12 track album called – Automatic
Steevo’s songs convey his personal journey and the perspective of life through his unique sound palette, ironic observation, poetic intuition and reflective symbolism, all born from above from his infused Gothic electronics. (Edition of the paper magazine of June 2019).