Suazo is a DJ and producer born from the renaissance of the California rave scene. Create music inspired by its constantly changing environment. Trace tracks with the sole intention of making people move. Fusion of genres and cultures without limitation. The apparently unrelated sounds are juxtaposed without prejudice, creating a feeling of overwhelming unity. Suazo doesn’t break the barriers with his music, they don’t exist.
Music was part of Suazo’s life from childhood, learning the trumpet at 7 and then the guitar. But it wasn’t until college that he got his first set of turntables. While studying at UC Santa Barbara, he began to forge his path as a DJ. Early in his career, he was ubiquitous in the Isla Vista home party scene. After college, Suazo returned to the bay area, the place he calls home. His musical development continued, playing throughout the city of San Francisco. Perform in places like SF Underground, Public Works, Anu Bar and in events such as the Lucidity festival. Share the stage with artists like Mark Farina, Christian Martin and others.
With the development of his career, also his musical influences. As he honed his DJ skills, minimal techno and drums and bass were strong influences. Later, around 2012, he added music production to his repertoire, inspired by the sound of the future bass and behaves like Radiohead. The phrase “Everything in the right place” is particularly relevant to Suazo’s art. If it sounds good, then it is right, there are no rules.
What makes Suazo unique is its organic approach in a truly digital world. While embracing technology in music, it refuses to lose the qualities that make it human. As a passionate explorer, Suazo travels the world sharing his art and drawing influence from every culture that lives. While traveling through South America, inspired by local folklore and lively music scenes, he discovered a passion for unusual sounds. His roots may be in house and techno, but his love for rare and ancient sounds is always evident. His music embodies and encourages self-expression in its purest form.
Exploring new things is what makes its sound what it is. In life, an open mind has no limits, it is with this mentality that Suazo creates music. However, his biggest asset is that he never loses sight of the main thing. Nobody cares if you can’t make them dance.