Social Robot is a friendly artificial life form that just wants to be educated and play the guitar, but is deeply concerned about the fate of the universe. However, it maintains a rigid upper lip. The Social Robot album is now available on the Internet, with excerpts on artificial intelligence, one-way trips to Mars, social media, hope and heartbreak.

Social Robot is …
Lead – Bayard Russell
Drums – Jason Lang
Keys –
Dave Florey – Michael Muller guitar
Bass – Andrew Gilchrist-Scott
Bayard Russell is a singer-songwriter who performs in the New York area with his band Social Robot, which has released their debut album “The Botz Sessions”. His solo album “Selftitled” is available on CD Baby and iTunes, on which Neufutur magazine said: “All people have to do is stick the album and place it on indie rock clouds that will make them float for the part. better than an hour. “
Russell grew up on the outskirts of Indiana, equally influenced by The Beatles and Ice Cube. Classically piano expert since the age of four, he discovered guitar in high school and his passion for pop music has blossomed. He moved to New York after graduating from Dartmouth College with a specialization in philosophy and a minor in music. He currently writes and records from his home studio in Brooklyn.
Bayard Russell has performed in New York venues such as The Way Station, Alphabet Lounge, Pianos, Arlene’s Grocery, Memory Motel, Amendment 18, Trash Bar, Sidewalk Cafe, Kenny’s Castaways, Bohemian Hall, Connelly’s Klub 45, Desmond’s Tavern, Bar East , Waltz-Astoria, Blackbirds, Lucky Mojos and La Negrita; and in festivals such as Make Music NY, LIC House Party, Why Leave Astoria, Astoria Music Now!, The Interdependence Project Festival and IMC Festival.
In addition to playing Social Robot, Russell is a singer and bass player for the 90s cover band Blind Folds Five. He composed and performed with the bands Karess, Clean Slate, Funkelstiltskin, The Very Nerve, Matt Jones Band, Negative Ken, The Botz, Stirfry Massacre, Mark from 3A, Rockers Anonymous and Atlantic Animals.
A decade after his solo album Selftitled, Bayard Russell hasn’t stopped writing. This Brooklynite is back in the studio to record 12 of his best science fiction songs for the debut of his band Social Robot. Songs about artificial intelligence, social media, space travel, hope and heartbreak are backed by acoustic guitar, sparkling synth sounds and layered sentimental voices, influenced by the sound of The 1975, MGMT and Kings of Leon, and Big lyrics Data and Radiohead.
What Selftitled reviewers said:
“Russell offers simple and catchy songs with honest lyrics straight from his broken heart. It effortlessly takes what many of us would consider bad situations and sheds light on it, and in doing so creates a reactive bond of some kind with its listeners. “
“Mr. Russell sings in a warm and intimate style that avoids anger in the face or a passive aggressive request that you love him as a fan.” Living at My Mom’s “complains about his lack of foresight in a failed relationship, and” I Will Chase You “leads him into another learning experience. You may not learn much from Bayard alone, but listening to him groping his whole life is a calming experience.” – Ink9
“Here are some deliciously sweet indie pops of the New York artist Bayard Russell – think that John Mayer meets The Postal Service … some very honest lyrics that make you consider a situation that otherwise would make you shiver with pain”. –
“Should stardom befall on Russell, and there’s no reason to see why it won’t, this debut is a glaring reason for him to keep the music coming from his bedroom, as well as his heart.” -Northeast Performer Magazine