Rise and Run is a pop / rock dress based in Bangor, Maine. The band was formed in 2007 and has continued to strengthen since then. During the beginnings of their garage band, Rise and Run won consecutive years at the Battle of the Bands (2007 and 2008) and with a growing fan base they released their eponymous EP in 2009. Rise and Run quickly became identified by a flying voice. (Gregory Winningham) and close harmony between keys (Drew Winningham) and guitar (Chance Rollins.)

In autumn 2015, the band started working on their debut album “Isaac” and presented a new guitarist (Zach Martin) and drummer (Austin Walker.) The Rise and Run album was independently produced and recorded in Halo Studios with producer Darren Elder (The Wrecking, Crusoe) and audio engineer Kevin Billingslea. In July 2017, “Isaac” was officially released and Rise and Run spent the following year touring the East Coast performing a variety of concerts and playing Christian music festivals such as Soulfest and River Rock in prizes. The band has also opened up to popular acts such as Unspoken and Meredith Andrews, among many others.
Rise and Run creates a mature sound focused on rhythm and hymn-rock mixed with distinct and expressive lyrical arrangements. The band appreciates the themes of love, compassion and forgiveness to explore the complex veins of life and faith. If you like the likes of The Script, The Fray and Train, you’ll love the pop-rock expressiveness of Rise and Run.
In 2018, the band welcomed the new drummer (Micah Martin) and Austin Walker adopted the bass / vocals, and Rise and Run returned to The Halo Studio in 2018 to record two new singles “Fantasy and Fiction” and ” Constantly “.
The band is currently booking shows, recording and composing songs for their second release. When the band is “overtime”, they get involved in their church and local community.