YOU CAN’T DO IT” are words that ARE NOT in the vocabulary Ahmed “Dru” Yates! Born in Germany in 1985, Dru is the son of an army veteran, who separated from Dru’s mother a few years after Dru’s birth and left her and her five children to look after themselves. Moving to New York in 1989, Young Dru quickly discovered his passion for music as an escape from the world around him and as a means of expressing himself through song.
Dru’s mother began to notice her children’s desire to entertain and often started participating in local “Star Search” style music competitions. He also often played Dru for family and friends during social functions and meetings to help develop his safety and presence on stage. In 1991, in an attempt to protect Dru and her other children from city street life, Dru’s mother moved her and her children to Kansas. Although this was a major geographic change for the family, Dru continued to develop his art and immersed himself in his music.
Having local success by performing with his brothers, who were also aspiring rappers / entertainers, Dru had a taste of success and knew he had what it took to make it in the music industry. He was on cloud 9 and was ready to make big moves! But, in 2000, Dru’s world was shaken all the way, when his older brother was arrested and charged with attempted murder and sentenced to 42 years in prison. It was then that Dru’s passion for music changed. Overwhelmed by the physical loss of his brother John, Dru decided to take a break from the music.
After graduating from high school, Dru briefly went to college on a basketball scholarship. But after only a year of playing ball, Dru began to feel like his true calling was missing. Reconnecting with his desire to make music and perform great, Dru decided to enter the stand again. It was as if Dru had never put down the microphone! The haste he got from recording consolidated the goals and aspirations of his life as an artist and performer. Dru recovered from the music game, and shortly thereafter became a member of the hip-hop / R&B group 2 SO SO Allstars, with “brotha from anotha mutha” Redd.
Dru and Redd have had moderate success in the release of several SO Allstars mixtapes. However, the creative differences and conflict of interest began to wear out in the group, and both Dru and Redd decided to take a different path in pursuing their solo careers.
Today Dru continues to work hard to continue what he started many years ago. Dru has recently completed his second solo album, The Urban Resume, and is concluding his third solo project, “The Memorandum” which is expected to come out in June 2019. Driven by dreams of success and pure determination, Dru is moving forward with his musical aspirations and has no intention of slowing down as he achieves his goals in the music business.