“Impossible” is the debut single by fledgling British artist BoogaTronic who has a noticeably skilled hand when it comes to putting together a lush, vibrant Trip Hop bed full of Funk. Impossible could be a downtempo mix, yet the visceral energy that crosses the melodic track transmits nothing but good vibrations. And they are not the sound of “good vibrations” that is rammed in your throat, instead, the subtle ecstasy of Impossible flows naturally. The sampling of “The Impossible Dream” was an act of pure ingenuity, with those silky voices slipping into the tight arrangement, Impossible would never go down. The single was never created to perfectly fit any genre category, instead BoogaTronic used a myriad of different EDM elements to create a new interpretation of EDM Funk.

You can check out the BoogaTronic Impossible for you debut single by going to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast