Galileo The Musical will appeal to rock fans with solid riffs, searing guitar lines and on some tracks, a pretty heavy touch in the mixing studio. There are also style nods to classic and progressive rock bands as well! Enjoy!

Galileo The Musical is the story of a man with greatness reluctantly thrust upon him. It’s also the story of desperate unfairness – here was a scientist who could mathematically and observationally prove his theories, among others, that the Earth went around the sun, yet the all-powerful Church punished him and others for holding these “heretical” beliefs.   

The writer is Peter Baker, who was the rock DJ on a UK rock radio station – Piccadilly Radio – for many years, after which he became a TV broadcaster, producer and voiceover artist.  Peter has always been a lifelong fan of Galileo and astronomy in general.  “I was the first in school to get an “O” level in Astronomy, just learning it on my own, and I built my own reflecting telescope as a kid too!” says Peter.  “The Galileo story is amazing, and at last this is a musical for science and maths geeks, but will appeal to a wide audience and age range!”  The songs and the story narration tracks are available both on CD and downloads from CD Baby, Amazon, Apple Music etc..