The Muzik Genesis project, spearheaded by Pablo Orozco-Castro, is a spiritual journey through human existence combining various forms of “genres”. Muzik Genesis is both a Hip-Hop/, Experimental rock music producer and an Electronic Dance Music DJ. The ideology behind Muzik Genesis as an independent artist is not being limited to the label of a specific musical genre and instead tries to demonstrate that music is an active evolutionary force that is part of our culture, as it is always changing.

The mask behind the Muzik Genesis project, Pablo Orozco-Castro, first started out in 2008 when he took a High School course in music production at the age of 17, while enrolled in a Jazz ensemble at New Roads High School in Santa Monica, CA. He then graduated from New Roads in 2009. While in High School he was influenced by Hip-Hop artists such as Nas, Brother Ali Blue Scholars, Nujabes, Shing02, and bands like System of a Down, Tool, Rage Against The Machine and Flobots. Simultaneously while growing up, he became facinated by the anime “otaku” culture, as well as personally influenced and inspired by video games, video game story lines and video game music. Listening to music by Utada Hikaru, Dennis Martin, Takao Miratsu, Nobuo Uematsu, Kaoru Wada and Yoko Shimomura, Pablo became deeply intrigued by the sweet melodies that encompassed the experiences of playing video games. 

Many of the emerging themes from his music contain psychological and sociopolitical influences which came from his studies in High School and I college. In High School, he became “Mezmerize(d)” and “Hypnotize(d)” by the albums that were released by System of a Down with the same titles and cites these two albums as some of his biggest influences. 

   Later in his life, Pablo attended UC Santa Cruz in 2009, studying Psychology and Politics. He became inspired by concepts such as social justice, community empowerment and the resilience of the individual and community. Many of these are concepts and themes that have inspired him lyrically. In addition to his studies in High School and in college, Pablo became deeply inspired lyrically by Serj Tankian, Daron Malakian, Zack De La Rocha, Shing02, Tom Morello, Sabzi and George Quibuyen to name a few. 

Some of Muzik Genesis’s recent projects and interests in projects include DJing Happy Hardcore, J-Core (Japanese Hardcore Techno), J-Trance, and producing and infusing elements of Heavy Metal, Punk, Downtempo, Jazz, Electronic and Hip-Hop. 

Muzik Genesis has released a debut album titled Retrospection which was released September, 2015.