New York style a little bit of Biggie mixed with Jay z. Mainly reality Rap inspirational and Fun music to dance to

born and raised in Brooklyn Bedstuy. raised by my grandmother and aunts do to the tragic death of my mother at the age of 11. got kicked out of school at the age of 16 , rather be in the streets than my books. shortly after relationship with my grandmother got bad and got put out because we couldnt see eye to eye . during these time poetry was my outlet . i was good with words and creating metaphors it gradually turned into raps . everytime i would hear a beat words would pop up in my head it became obssessive . i coudnt control it . Now ive develop my own sound and flow to where i standout more than others . all this is a mix of the man that is here today !

Willie Racks one of Kind !!! Can feel the pain and struggle to his Music !!! also has a fun dancing side you can explore also