My cadence changes constantly. My sound all depends on which emotion I am feeling at the time and it adds another level of vulnerability that open minds pick up immediately

As far as the music is concerned, the poetry all started with my brother. He would always write poems for girls in school to get their attention, and it really stuck out to me how words were able to brighten someones day to the level that I was witnessing. I began to do the same thing and the experience I was having was even more rewarding. My family had a lot of hardships, due to the consequences of someones actions. We all dealt with it in the only way we knew possible. For me, I became an extreme introvert and dove much deeper into the poetry. I discovered how powerful this was as an outlet for my emotions and grew as a person because of it. One after another, life lessons would show up causing me to become even more introverted. It got so bad that I became completely self-centered, egotistical and downright nasty to people who never deserved it. Miraculously, I reached a point in my life where I decided to stop digging and began figuring out how to get out of the hole. Today I can say that I at least try to remain conscious of other people and what I may be able to do to help them. A dear friend once told me that, “humility is not thinking less of yourself, but thinking of yourself less.” This is what I base the idea of my music off of. Humility, and the idea of altruism. I feel in my soul that my honesty, vulnerability and open-mindedness in my music can help bring balance to the world. This music became something real when I stopped making it about me. This is the altruistic movement.